by Lumens

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(not) tina majorino
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(not) tina majorino for want OF EEEAASEE
and siiiLENT TEETH
does it go quuuiiiETLY
or vviiiiOLENTLY Favorite track: Stimuli.
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released September 20, 2016

Lumens is Shawn Weinert, Dean Strike, Luke Sweeney & Michael Hunter.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Dean at Strike Sound, 2016.



all rights reserved


Lumens Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Go To Coventry
i found myself on the fence
when it came to balancing acts
kids are finding conclusions
i cant solve basic math
i am passive
i am static
expressionless ascetic
not to be apathetic
but i felt so indifferent
i felt so uninvolved
never able to make up decisions
Track Name: Blockade
you hate it when i get emaciated
hiding hearts under the pavement
forget to stay on top of duties
stayed up late injecting b-grade movies
they don't speak your name in these walls
the epistemic loaded gun in my mouth
you get too short and it makes me so small
and burn away like hours on the couch
and its best to do away with neglect
when your distance feels so dense in effect
we wake up and watch the sun come out
each morning but some days i can't feel it
don't think too much, you'll feel too much
your paper heart is no good at healing
you stepped inside my skin
and stretched it loose and thin
so it won't fit true
i stood at your front porch
but you turned the doors to walls
when i needed you
Track Name: Stimuli
the secret's out
I'm making frowns across the town
with whispers that don't work
deny the need
kill the want to miss the things
that make me want to hurt
for want of ease
and silent teeth
does it go quietly
or violently?
with smoke-stained hands
i wrote demands
reliance begs in need
reliance will feed
scratch that rash
throw those papers in the trash
i'll sweat it out today
and i think
there are better times to drink
and drain you from my veins
looking for familiar safety
makes my eyes so weak and narrow
i washed your breath off of my body
to hope my skin won't look so yellow
looking back at better memories
makes my eyes so weak and narrow
Track Name: Spectacle
every receding glance
precedes a falter
faulty lips so ill equipped
cough out a tremor
hope not to be
dropped on my feet
don't make me
don't want to see
blood on my feet
don't make me
so piece me together again
in patchwork imperfection
undress myself unravel myself
towards the audience
hope not to split at the seams
impress myself in unimpressed gloom
pressed up and dressing the wounds
hope not to split at the seams